Vanuatu Investment Migration Bureau


The Vanuatu Investment Migration Bureau (VIMB) is a government authorised platform for dissemination of accurate and reliable information regarding Vanuatu’s Citizen by Investment Program – the “Development Support Program” (DSP).

It also acts as a channel for Investment, Trade and Tourism information for DSP applicants under the Vanuatu Investment Liaison Office (VILO).

Primary Goals:
– A marketing and administrative resource for supporting the global Investment Migration Industry for the Vanuatu Citizenship Program.
– A resource for face-to-face discussions and information sessions with experts on Vanuatu.
– A “shop-window” on Vanuatu for exploring investment opportunities in Vanuatu, and developing bi-lateral trade.
– An information resource for tourism, property investment and travel related enquiries.
– A link to provide seamless communication between Vanuatu and global key geographical centres.

  • Citizenship programs offered : Vanuatu
  • Residence programs offered : N/A
  • Number of staff : 1-9
  • Number of offices : 1-3
  • Office locations : Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Oceania
  • Investment migration as core business? : yes
Contact details

B&P House Lini Highway Port Vila VanuatuVanuatu *****