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By way of introduction, my name is Jeffery Wilfred. I have served in Vanuatu Public Service for over 20 years. During those years I have served as a Director General for Finance and Economic Management for 3 years and Director General for Agriculture 10 years. I retired in 2013 and started a fishing agency company but due to COVID 19, it was forced to close as foreign fishing vessel owners could no longer hire crews from Vanuatu. I am fully aware of the machinery of government, its systems and how it functions.

I have registered another company called Vanuatu Development Solution and it is a newly approved company by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission on 12th October,2021. Vanuatu Development Solution has entered into an Agreement with Vanuatu Citizenship Commission to market and promote Vanuatu Development Support Program which is in reality is the Citizenship by Investment Program and this will be its core business activity. My company has been issued with a legal business licence and the Certificate by the Customs and Inland Revenue Office and Vanuatu Citizenship Commission Office respectively to operate as the designated agent to market Vanuatu Citizenship abroad to those who prefer to have a second citizenship which will allow them to travel to over 125 countries visa-free including the European Schengen region.

Vanuatu is located in the South West Pacific or 2000 km east of Australia. It was formerly known as New Hebrides but on gaining its independence on July 30th 1980, it changed its name to Vanuatu. Vanua-means “land” and “tu” means “forever” and putting them together means “My land forever”. It was colonised by the British and the French for 74 years and on independence day all alienated lands were returned to indigenous people of Vanuatu. However, it still retained their languages. Vanuatu is regarded as a bilingual country and it is the only one in the South Pacific region. They are official languages in Vanuatu including bislama which is an English-based creole language. Vanuatu is a Y-shaped isles of about 83 islands of which many are inhabited but few remain uninhabited. Vanuatu people are peace, loving people and they always put on a big smile when walking passed strangers in the street. Few years back it was listed by Happy Planet Index as the “Happiest Nation on Earth”.

As regards to taxes Vanuatu has no income and corporate taxes. Its source of income are indirect taxes in the form of import duties, levies and goods and services tax (GST). The earnings from the Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment has contributed a lot towards financing many government services and infrastructure development. Its capital city is Port Vila and is a multi-cultural city with people from Asia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, US and off course Ni Vanuatu. They all live peacefully together and are all protected by law and a well established judicial system. Its currency is called Vatu meaning stone. It was given this name by the First Minister of Finance when Vanuatu became an independent nation on 30th July,2021.

I would be delighted to enter into any cooperation agreement or understanding with anyone who wishes to work with me in facilitating the access to obtaining the Vanuatu Citizenship for its foreign clients. Additional information as regards to the process of how to apply and sharing of commission fee will be provided later to the marketing agent or contractor who intents to enter into an arrangement with my company.


Thank you

Jeffery Wilfred

  • Citizenship programs offered : Vanuatu
  • Residence programs offered : Others
  • Number of staff : 1-9
  • Number of offices : 1-3
  • Office locations : Oceania
  • Investment migration as core business? : yes
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