Portugal Golden Visa Guide

The team at Portugal Golden Visa website – the one-of-a-kind guide to the Portugal Golden Visa program – offers advisory and consultancy services for golden visa investors from USA, India, South Africa, UK, Brazil and other countries. We take our clients step by step through how it works to how they can apply and get a permanent residency and eventually a second passport in Portugal.

Why invest in a second passport in Portugal?

When considering a Golden Visa program, the quality of life, safety and peacefulness of a country is a large factor. The Portugal Golden Visa key benefits coupled with the remarkable safety ranking create an unmatched European investment program and country. Key advantages of the golden visa scheme in Portugal include:

  1. Quick Path To Residency
    After only 5-years wait and 35-days residency in the country you’re eligible for Portuguese permanent residency and eventually dual citizenship and second passport in Portugal.
  2. Visa-Free Travel To EU
    Travel visa-free to the 26 countries from the Schengen Area for 90 days every 180 days and to over 130 countries worldwide including Canada, Japan, Singapore, UK and USA.
  3. Affordable Investment Options
    Select from a variety of reasonably priced investment options like real estate investment, job creation, capital investment, capital transfer & donations starting at €250,000
  4. Friendly Tax Regime
    Portugal Golden Visa tax benefits are hard to beat, especially the NHR tax status which comes with great tax advantages affecting both personal and professional monies.
  5. Inclusion Of Family Members
    Generous definition of dependents allowing family members the right to live, work, travel, study and gain permanent residence or citizenship in Portugal.

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