MGC Legal & Immigration

MGC Immigration tackles your matters with utmost care and diligence.

We provide a wide range of services, including but not limited to the following:

•    Application for initial residence permit and renewal applications in due course of time.
•    Application for work permit and renewal applications in due course of time.
•    Citizenship applications due to various reasons such as direct investment, financial investment, real estate acquisition and other lawfully defined ways of obtaining citizenship of Republic of Turkey.
•    Recognition and enforcement of foreign court awards in the Republic of Turkey.
•    Miscellaneous advisory services about all kinds of matters that foreigners may encounter in Turkey.
•    Tailor made solutions related to your special case and finding the most appropriate, swift and economical way to fulfill your needs.

In doing these;

•    We set an interview to understand your needs;
•    Our lawyers specialized in Immigration Law carefully analyse your inquiry and answer all of your questions about the upcoming process;
•    Once you are convinced for the best solution for yourself you grant a Power of Attorney in the name of our lawyers registered in Bar of Istanbul;
•    You will be well informed about each phase and all expenses to be incurred, which are already defined at the very beginning of the process, and will be reported to you in a transparent manner with substantiating documents;
•    We aim to be your companion in Turkey with our friendly approach and solutions.

  • Citizenship programs offered : Cyprus, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Turkey, Others
  • Residence programs offered : Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Portugal, UK, Others
  • Number of staff : 50-99
  • Number of offices : 4-8
  • Office locations : Europe
  • Investment migration as core business? : yes
Contact details

Büyükdere Street. No:127, Astoria B Tower 5. Floor Sisli – Istanbul, Turkey34394 +90 534 945 18 27 *****