Cankash Company

Cankash Company is a full-service immigration consultancy and wealth management firm focused on tailoring the very best investment, residency and citizenship solutions to meet the needs of our clients seeking to obtain  a status and at the same time doing the best possible investment overseas. We are specialized in a range of different residency and citizenship by investment programs,  including different types of Portugal residency visas , as well as citizenship programs in Cyprus, Dominica, Grenada  and Turkey. We have built up a good rapport with our clients during 30 years of activity in Iran and Cankash is very well recognized as a trustworthy and professional boutique company inside Iran.

  • Citizenship programs offered : Dominica, Turkey
  • Residence programs offered : Portugal
  • Number of staff : 1-9
  • Number of offices : 1-3
  • Office locations : Middle East
  • Investment migration as core business? : yes
Contact details

26, No.11, Cross to the Canadian Embassy, Mowj Tower, Sarafraz St., Abbas Abad Ave., P.C:1587653154, Tehran, IranIran, Islamic Republic Of,1587653154 +982188710588 *****