Ameena Consultants Inc.

Ameena Consultants Inc. (A.C. Inc.) is a registered full-service immigration consultancy firm based in the Commonwealth of Dominica. We specialize in providing supplementary services for economic citizens who wish to solidify connections and establish official ties to their new home country.

A.C. Inc. delivers tailor-made services based on each client’s specific needs. We are capable of representing the clients in all local transaction and service needs, thus reducing or eliminating the need for costly travel. By utilizing our extensive network of partners and exceptional knowledge of the government systems, we deliver strategic advice to ensure hassle-free processing of documents.

Ameena Consultants Inc. provides tailored services for clients based on their individual needs. Our team of trained local professionals will facilitate clients with:

  • Passport Renewal– We ensure that clients receive renewed passports promptly
  • Driver’s License– A.C. Inc. facilitates the processing of Dominican Driver’s License without the need to travel to Dominica. This official document provides the client with a local tax ID for international banks.
  • Incorporating a Business & Social Security Registration and Contribution – We provide professional advice and assistance with incorporating and registration of the following:
  1. Business Name
  2. Local Company Incorporation
  3. Non-profit Company
  4. Registration of International Businesses.
  • Payroll Preparation- This service will be offered in combination with PAYE Contributions, Social Security Salary deductions.
  • Travel Concierge– We take away the anxiety of planning your visit to Dominica. Our tailor-made service includes flight and hotel booking, island tours and car rental. A.C. Inc. uses its network and experience in Government Relations to facilitate investors who wish to visit the island for business purposes. This service will include organizing meeting arrangements with relevant Government officials. C. Inc aims to create a worthwhile and memorable experience in Dominica.
  • Acquiring Real Estate & Property Management- We assist client in sourcing and filing the necessary paperwork necessary for acquiring real estate (commercial and residential property). Additionally, A.C. Inc provides maintenance of residential and commercial property. This service is customizable based on the needs of the client and renewable yearly.
  • Professional License– This is an option for citizens who wish to practice legally in industries which require professional license such as Medical License, Aviation License etc.
  • Apostille of Official Documents & Police Clearance- Necessary for employment purposes and many legal transactions, Ameena Consultants assist citizens in obtaining a Police Clearance. This service is combined with legalization and apostille of documents.
  • Mailbox Services- Services will include the registration a local address and forwarding client’s mail to their current address. Renewal of this service is annually.
  • Citizenship programs offered : Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Kitts & Nevis, Dominica
  • Residence programs offered : N/A
  • Number of staff : 1-9
  • Number of offices : 1-3
  • Office locations : Caribbean
  • Investment migration as core business? : yes
Contact details

Checkhall Hill, Checkhall P.O. Box 1083 RoseauDominica +17676132755 *****